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The historical and current importance of Johannes Kepler can hardly be overestimated. In addition to his scientific work, we admire

the spirit that was always focused on the great and the pure character, to which everything petty and egoistic remained alien throughout his life.

His attitude towards life is also of great importance for our time - especially for young people. This beacuse they will increasingly be confronted with major ethical questions and problems of revolutionary scientific and technical knowledge and possibilities.

That is why the Kepler Society has two overarching goals:

To cherish the memory of the great astronomer and researcher and to spread knowledge about his life's work and his research personality.
The second central objective is - in the spirit of Kepler - above all to win over young people, if possible, during their school days to confront scientific topics and challenges.
We concentrate on the following areas:

Maintenance and supervision of the Kepler Museum, the Kepler Archive and the Kepler Observatory as well as the astronomy youth group
Announcement and award of our Kepler Prize in the Kepler High Schools of the European Union (EU)
Organization of public lectures on topics from the historical development of the natural sciences and modern research
Cooperation with schools and universities