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We turn to people
  • who are fascinated by Johannes Kepler's life's work and research personality and who use this as inspiration for their own work
  • who follow the knowledge and projects of modern astronomy and astrophysics for the origin and development of the universe with interest and curiosity
  • who want to explore the diversity, size and beauty of the solar system themselves under expert guidance
  • who share our conviction that it is necessary to inspire young people early on to deal with scientific topics. Astronomy is the ideal link between mathematics, physics and technology and other subjects. 
We invite adults, young people and children
to a visit to the Kepler Museum - on request with an expert tour for different age and interest groups or topics
to visit the newly opened planet path with detailed information boards on the individual planets in our solar system
to the regular events of our group of amateur astronomers at the Kepler Observatory (AKS)
for the annual traditional, Germany-wide day of astronomy
to interesting lecture events that we hold in Weil der Stadt, Stuttgart and Tübingen in cooperation with the Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium Stuttgart and the universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart
for the award ceremony of the Kepler Prize.
With its charitable activities, the Kepler Society makes great voluntary and financial efforts. We are dependent upon donations to enable us to continue our work. We are therefore very happy if you support our goals and activities with your donations and / or your membership in the Kepler Society.
We ask for donations to our account:
No. 41 276 000
Vereinigte Volksbank AG
BLZ 603 900 00.
Thank you very much!