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This year we are celebrating the 450th birthday of Johannes Kepler, who saw the light of day in Weil der Stadt on December 27, 1571 and who also lived in Leonberg as a child. Dipl.-Math. Hans-Joachim Albinus, member of the Kepler Society, presents Kepler's exciting life in a time of great upheaval with the following contributions and lectures:

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"End of the witch trial - greed mixed with small-minded denunciation"  - article in LKZ

"Kepler defends his mother - Swabian frugality have probably saved many lives"  artikel in LKZ

 On November 16, 2021 lecture "We all travel an eccentric path ... H√∂lderlin, Kepler and Leonberg"Am 16.11.2021  [Information] [Registration]

 On December 8th, 2021 lecture "Johannes Kepler - 450th birthday" [Information] [Registration]